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A Greater Purpose Organization was started as a grass-roots movement in 2009, due to Gary and Veronica Gordon, fulfilling the basic food needs of 40 families living in housing shelters.  They saw a need and fulfilled many but it left them with a will to do more.  This need to do more lead to the creation of Project 100 in 2010, which provided food, clothing, toys and spiritual guidance to 100+ families living in housing shelters. 

The love and support received from various individuals, businesses and churches was tremendous.  It was realized that Project 100 could do more than just change 100 lives, it could fulfill A Greater Purpose
The success of Project 100 and now A Greater Purpose has taught us to see beyond what is, and implement God's plan for A Greater Purpose.

We encourage you to get involved.
For more information, please contact the Founder & Executive Director Gary Gordon at
732-947-0343 or e-mail

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